360 Experience- Virtual Reality Cinema


Project description

A project carried out in collaboration with Pablo Cappellato to create a new platform for the immersive 360° video contents fruition through Virtual Reality glasses. The platform does not just help in the use of the device but allows a complete management of the structure allowing the people who work in the cinema to enable/disable user sessions and manage all available devices. 360° video contents will be developed by our cinema-specialized team in different catalogs such as Fun, Education etc. Potential customers after check-in at the reception desk will receive a pair of VR glasses and spend time comfortably in the cinema cabin while enjoying the experience.

Waiting lounge 360 Experience was inspired by the simple structure of a beehive which allows for a good organization of space, maximizing the quantity of cabins and designing a flexible circulation inside a plan of 200m2. Located in a commercial gallery in Shenyang, China, an open facade, colorful geometrical designed panels and a welcoming reception were intended to draw the public’s attention. We use lighting effect and delicate materials, and our own design furniture to make a distinguished environment inside and outside the cabins: it’s enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing inside while lightful, modern, attractive outside. Module design makes the installation of the cabins easy and flexible to adapt any modification of space in future.

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