Blog - February 2016

Wandering in Guangzhou: keep apart prejudices in the unfolding of urban life

Published: 02/03/2016
“C’est peut-etre là le secret: faire exister, non pas juger. S’il est si dégoutant de juger, ce n’est pas parce que tout se vaut, mais au contraire parce que tout ce qui vaut ne peut se faire et se distinguer qu’en défiant le jugement” (G. Deleuze, 1993).

Urban Design Days Report

Published: 16/02/2016
The first edition of UDD, held on 12h January, curated by the South China–Torino Collaboration Lab and promoted by the Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou, has been closed successfully and it opened to a stronger directed connection between Italian cities and Chinese cities on the discussion around urban management.

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