Blog - May 2016

SCTCL Workshop at the ISA Primary School of Guangzhou: Creativity as a process - Reinventing the city with the children mind

Published: 16/05/2016
Monday, the 16th of May 2016, is the first of four days of primary school's Workshop, that see two members of the SCTCL involved with children in cities exploration and creative making.
The workshop is one of the two activities, grown through a new fruitful collaboration between the South China – Torino Collaboration Lab and the ISA primary school of Guangzhou –

Elements 1: Kong tiao (空调) in Guangzhou (广州): Air conditioning and the Chinese city.

Published: 06/05/2016
" The following post is the first number of "Elements", a new column, curated inside the SCTCL Blog. The new section, has got the objective to telling stories and information about the Chinese City, starting from some descriptions and critic overviews about quite banal elements that are very common in the cities taken in consideration.”

New Headquarters South China-Torino Collaboration Lab in Guangzhou and Torino

Published: 04/05/2016
Saturday 16/04/23 at 9.30 a.m., local time in Guangzhou (China).
The Chair of University Council of SCUT (South China University of Technology), Du Xiaoming and the Rector of Polito (Politecnico di Torino), Marco Gilli, are shacking their hands in front of a delegation of various professors, researcher and institutional profiles.

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