Published: 28/10/2017
We are looking for 10 highly motivated MArch students interested in starting their master
thesis with the participation to the second “CUHK-POLITO Joint Studio” organized by The
Chinese University of Hong Kong & Politecnico di Torino. The duration of the studio is 7
months (late December 2017-February 2018 part-time; March to July 2018 full-time work)
during which students are introduced to a challenging issue to be addressed with design tools
in partnership with students from Hong Kong. Design proposals will be supervised by both
POLITO and CUHK tutors with expertise in architecture, urban and landscape design,
environmental engineering and history of architecture and landscape.

The joint studio experience allows POLITO students to gain the thesis credits included in their
respective curriculum (“Architettura, Costruzione, Città”: 30 CFU; “Architettura per il
Restauro e Valorizzazione del Patrimonio”: 20 CFU; “Architettura per il Progetto Sostenibile”:
20 CFU; “Progettazione delle Aree Verdi e del Paesaggio”: 16 CFU) and 3 additional credits of
choice (“crediti liberi”: technical seminars, 15 hours + international intensive training and
workshop, 60 hours).
In order to apply, send an email by 12 November 2017 to AND with the following attachments:
i. Motivation letter
ii. Short portfolio with selected works.

For more details download the following document: CUHK-Polito_Joint Studio_CALL 2017 application/pdf (262.48 kB)

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