Persistence & Transition – Water, farmland, and human settlements in the Zhujiang Delta

Published: 15/10/2016
In December 2010, the photo essay by Luca Casonato “Persistence & Transition” was exhibited at the South China University of Technology. The photo research started in 2009 as a result of the shared interest of Luca Casonato and Francesca Frassoldati for environments and landscapes in transition in the Cantonese Delta.

The fieldwork spanned along a 70 kilometres long section, selecting photo locations to figure out what is significant in the man-made landscape of the Zhujiang Delta and determine possible modernization pathways for this inhabited countryside. The fieldwork in transitional landscapes had some peculiarities. Hours spent at our desk preparing journeys, selecting interesting locations from previous studies or visits, were simply pulverized in front of building sites, new warehouses, different roads or ponds design, and all sorts of transformations that maps and recent satellite images could not catch.

Yet the work tried to recognize the dignity of the physical structures and the people living there, as a balance between conservation of a traditional history and its innovation. The resulting fragmentation was accepted as a contemporary attitude.

A selection of the original photos will be permanently exhibited in the new premises of the South China Torino Collaboration Lab. from 17 October 2016.

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