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Within the framework of the wider activities of South China-Torino Collaboration Lab, Politecnico di Torino started the collaboration with Soft-Landing Programme for Technology and Innovation Collaboration, whose objective is to provide a platform for research teams from renowned overseas technical universities, start-ups, spin-offs, technology transfer offices (TTOs), incubation centers to promote their innovations and technology to Hong Kong and Mainland China industry.

Many overseas academic teams, start-ups and R&D organisations show great interest in exploring Asia for business and academic collaboration opportunities but lack of network, market intelligence and resources. Starting from June 2015, several professors and research fellows from Politecnico di Torino were invited to Hong Kong to present their projects in the APAC Innovation Summit series.

Robotics (June 2015):

  • Active exoskeleton for the neuro-rehabilitation of lower limbs - P.I.G.R.O. (Professor Silvia Sirolli, DIMEAS)
  • Automatic machine for real-time detection of contaminants – AU.DE.CO (Dr. Andrea Mura, DIMEAS)

Smart Cities (September 2015):

  • ALFIE - Algae Façade Integrated Envelope (Professor Roberto Giordano, DAD)
  • ARIA3 - Ventilation system using bio-filter to purify the polluted air (Professor Orio de Paoli, DAD)

Advanced Materials (November 2015):

  • Stone-Bricks: from wastes to innovative building products (Professor Paola Palmero, DISAT)
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