ALFIE - Algae Façade Integrated Envelope


Project description

ALFIE is a Microalgae Photobioreactor, integrated in building façade, that purifies water daily produced by human activities and weathering and produces biomass.

The integration of photobioreactor with building façades allows to exploit incident solar radiation. Moreover thanks to ALFIE it is possible to combine functional and aesthetic issues and performances of buildings with the wastewater treatment.

ALFIE is a system consisting in a round-shaped module composed by:

•Opaque section

•Anodized aluminum frame

•ETFE-based double-layer soft walls containing medium solution and microalgae

Algae can be further used in water treatment to:

•Remove Coliform Bacteria (up to 99%)

•Reduction of Chemical and Biochemical Oxygen demand (up to 68.4% and 67.2% respectively)

•Removal of Nitrogen (between 80 and 90%)•Heavy Metals (up to 99%)

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