ARIA - Ventilation system using bio-filter to purify the polluted air


Project description

This invention is a modular ventilation system , composed of a vegetable substrate as a filter absorber of air pollutants, integrated in the outer casing of the buildings that allows air purification.
The ventilation system is constituted by a module that might be inserted in the outer vertical of buildings, consisting of:

•an envelope consisting of transparent parts facing the outside of the building and closures opaque lateral thermally insulated

•a removable vessel containing a substrate for the plant species

•an irrigation system

•a heat exchanger to optimize the exchange of the inside-outside air, limiting energy loss from the building

The microorganisms in the substrate plant absorb and metabolize the outside air contaminants hence purifying the air.

The irrigation system instead allows to feed the vegetable substrate and constantly clean it from pollutant particles.

This system is intended and designed both to be used on new buildings and to improve existing ones.

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