Project description

South China - Torino Collaboration Lab conducted two workshops in collaboration with ISA, the international primary school of Guangzhou that led to the realization of a final exhibition in Redtory Art District, Guangzhou: Creativity as a Process.

The workshop explores the children's ability to imagine how spaces can be transformed, how old built structures can be reused, how neglected objects can be rearranged to perform new functions, making our urban life more comfortable or exciting and, at the same time, developing a deeper consciousness of our environment. The children will be involved to create imaginary world, places and cities through their fertile imagination. There is no preset vision that will be given for such future spaces. Indeed it is properly one of the aims of the workshop to enhance the ability of the children to be creative not only in solving assigned tasks, but also in raising new questions and problems.

Creativity involves our consciousness and our ability to think. Creativity is not a given asset. Certainly individuals can learn how to be creative or at least people can practice and challenge what they think they are able to do.

As designers, we think that creativity is also a practice, as far making and playing with things stimulate the acquisition of new skills and enhance implicit and hidden capacities. We base our ideas of creativity as a continuum on the professional practice that we know, indeed a process that include different stages, made of both abstract thinking and manipulation, calm speculation and rapid actions, personal ideas and interaction with others.

The educational purpose of the workshop is to support children in developing the understanding of the different skills that concern a creative process. To reach this purpose the activities will reproduce, in a simple and sequential way, the principal steps of a creative process, engaging children's way of learning and imagining by doing objects with their hands.

Recycling the city

The peculiar history of Redtory is that of a former factory that was reinvented in 2008 as a place for creative people and not only for workers following an assigned assembly line.

This a typical case that shows how spaces in cities are continuously changing, since they are recycled, re – imagined, re – thought, and re – adapted to different visions. The first purpose of the workshop is to engage children and their fertile imagination in this big challenge. Redtory, the place where ISA international school is based, is a suitable environment to be re-imagined in a fantastic way.

Redtory, a place familiar to the children of ISA, could represent a small model of a real city where children can measure their ability to imagine alternatives and broaden their understanding of available resources.

Create with recycled materials

The children will be guided to express their ideas by doing some practical activities, like drawing, painting and especially constructing models with obsolete objects and re-using unwanted materials.

The final goal of the workshop is to obtain a 3d model of a re-imagined Redtory made by the children under the supervision of the workshop's trainers.

All the artworks made by the children during the workshops will be exhibited at Redtory in a designated venue at the end of the experience.

At the end of the workshops the children made several three-dimensional representation of their ideas have been exhibited in Redtory on Friday, the 3rd of June 2016.

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