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This special issue of the “South Architecture” Magazine will offer a critical survey around the issue of urban regeneration through the reuse of formerly industrial areas, by comparing design approaches, decision making phases, procedures and processes of implementation in the different contexts of China, Europe and North America.

 The theme of industrialbrownfield regeneration sites  will be the pivot of a wider debate on about contemporary urban transformations and their different declinations across three continents: in order to achieve this goal, instead of a linear case-study review this issue proposes a curated interpretationcomparative angle, structured around five main transversal themes that are repeated in each of the three geographical sections. These five themesare: –sSize, eEnvironment, dDevelopment, uUrban sScale and iIndustrial hHeritage and they - are meant to open a debate about the multidimensional approach to urban regeneration practices that intertwines urban design and planning tools, network analysis models, economic evaluation disciplines, etc.

Stemming from a convergence of academic exercises carried out at SCUT with, respectively, Politecnico di Torino and UC Berkeley School of Architecture, and from the realization that the the values that the reuse of industrial sites,bring brought to the larger-scale of the urban regeneration mechanisms -of urban regeneration offer repetitive patterns as well as very different declinations across three continents, this issue will also feature curated specific reports from the two academic workshops acting as linking intermissions between the three geographical sections.

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