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The Watersheds project joints a team of multidisciplinary experts of urban transformation in diverse cities, namely, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Torino and Venice. The narrative of four processes of urban regeneration between China and Italy is the aim of the Watersheds exhibition, a collateral event of the 2013 Bi- City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB), of the Oriental Design Week 2014 in Torino, and of the book “Watersheds: a narrative of urban recycle” published in 2014 by Sandu Publishings.

In recent years the Lizhiwan in Guangzhou, the Kai Tak River in Hong Kong, the Sangone River in Torino and the Piave River between Treviso and Venice have been the motif of a rediscovery of the generative power of urban watercourses. Portions of cities and regions that were seeking a discontinuity with their past and a basis for a future identity have re-linked communities with neglected water resources. Punctual actions have lined up along the watercourses. These actions were not homogeneously directed, however their accumulation has the potential to outreach narrow effects and unfold unexpected collective meanings.

Both the exhibition and the book attempt an active interpretation of the imperfect overlapping of inhabited places, formalized projects and the processes of projects' implementation: the first by actively engaging visitors through a three-layered narrative that sees physical objects confronted with diagrams and pictures; the latter by unfolding and expanding the methodological framework within which the exhibit was designed. 

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