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Project description

The Watersheds PhD Winter School was the a first chance for of cooperation between the Politecnico di Torino and the South China University of Technology on regarding professional and practical issues of urban design. The School involved four4 Ph.D. students in architecture and three tutors from the Politecnico di Torino, and seven students and various tutors from ScutSCUT; it, and took place at Scutin Guangzhou in December 2014.

 A few methodological issues questions framed the whole work and the efforts to incorporate different disciplinary expertises, spanning from spatial architectural and urban design (architectural and city dimensions) to environmental and strategic evaluation.

 The chosen site for such an experimentation was the T.I.T., a former textile factory, now turned to a design hub, T.I.T., which is located in the middle of the a proposed extension of the Guangzhou’s main road axis,  of the city of Guangzhou, and faceswhere some future possiblerazingrazzings are expected as a consequence of this.

The design team of the Winter School was asked by the director of T.I.T. to envision some alternative scenarios that could be presented to the Municipality in order to reframe the project and to avoid the razings and the relocation of the hub. The aim of the School was that of testingto test on a real urban issues scenario the a multidisciplinarity approach, which is to be theone of the main strength features of the Lab; as a consequence of this, the design process repeatedly involvedincludedsomemoments of discussion,among the different involved disciplines, likededicated to: impact assessment, multicriteria analysis, environmental quality, as well as, of course, masterplanning and urban design.

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