WESTERN WORKPLACE DESIGN WORKSHOP @ Guangzhou XuSheng Construction Engineering Co, Ltd


Project description

The South China Collaboration Lab has organized, between the 18th and 19th of June, the “Western Workplace Design Workshop” at a local Design and Decoration Company in GZ, named Guangzhou XuSheng Construction Engineering CO, Ltd. The creation of the workshop has begin since the connection with some designers from XuSheng Company looking for some suggestions for the improvement of their creative approach that could be spent in front of international clients. XuSheng is a Chinese based Company that in the last years has been involved more and more with Western clients searching for offices spaces in Guangzhou. For these reasons the Company has fount in the experts composing the South-China Collaboration Lab, the right side to explore new approaches in order to improve the design skills for their employees. SCTCL has given four lectures spanning from the Creative Process to the analyses of selected case studies. Francesco Carota explained the relationship between designer intentions and the creation of a concept during “Creativity and Design Process”. Edoardo Bruno handled the importance of the design instruments inside the creativity process in “Power of the Drawing” and the wider approach towards sustainability in “E.R.I.D. Environmentally Responsible Interior Design”. Prof. Michele Bonino has took care, thanks to his professional experience, the lecture “Problem finding & Creative Solutions: Projects of Workplaces”. The workshop ended with a simulation of an design competition on a real case study given to the design teams. The results made by the XuSheng employees have been discussed together with the support of Prof. Mauro Berta in front of all the participants.

The workshop has strengthened the relationship between XuSheng and SCTCL, realizing in the future the possibility that experts from Politecnico di Torino could be invited for a wider discussion on the clients projects. At the same time the workshop showed the feasibility of a private-public cooperation in China, linking the Department of Architecture skills with the market-based necessities of a local company.  

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